19Mar 2016

There are numerous reasons for an ad to be rejected on Facebook, but the most frustrating thing is that you can’t even know for sure the reason why your ads were rejected – instead you’ll be forced to guess. Luckily, cases where the entire page would be banned from the Facebook page program are extremely […]

10Mar 2016

Probably everyone launching a personal YouTube channel knows the tip to promote videos across other social networks. Usually it relates to Facebook, less frequently users engage Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. However, making a video viral requires a bit more efforts that sharing the clip in your FB account and waiting for the YouTube traffic to […]

06Mar 2016

Well, not that Facebook is surrendering in all key measures, yet it is steadily lagging behind in one aspect: videos. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are working on improving users’ experience on Facebook ceaselessly, and short videos appeared on the FB menu long ago. From embedding to direct uploading, video processing is getting better every […]

26Feb 2016

The current obsession with FB likes can be explained by many factors, from Web 2.0 fashion trends to psychology, yet more reasonable answer is lying on the surface. Likes have their own quality and price, and this price differs from page to page and from user to user. Let us explore this matter and see […]

17Feb 2016

With Facebook losing its position as a primary spot for social media games and contests, Instagram is expected to take its place in the nearest future. Social media marketers have already designed dozens of ways to engage with users on Instagram in a form of a contest, and all you have to do is pick […]