13Feb 2016

Twitter is not a tool to set up a store and make money right on the spot. Rather, it is an excellent instrument for awareness –raising and alerting people to presence of your brand or content. The only condition for its efficiency is that the followers are engaged with your tweets. There are a few […]

02Feb 2016

YouTube is definitely a platform that provides people who can create interesting videos with access to the worldwide audience.  Whatever one can show the world, there are some basic rules and tricks that will attract more viewers and likes for presented videos and will help the channel owner to achieve his/her goals faster and in […]

29Jan 2016

Interested in being noticed on Instagram? Follow the basic rules appropriate for any social network – create regular posts, communicate with users, include attention drawing descriptions. There are also special ways working for Instagram only. They will make sure that you get more followers, more likes, more popularity. We offer you 5 tips that really […]

20Jan 2016

Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most powerful sources of online communication. On this social platform, you can communicate with your relatives and friends, find new ones, explore new hobbies and activities, and even make your own business. It can offer you interesting contacts all over the world, provide you with lots of fun and […]

11Jan 2016

There exists no single search ranking, and people hop between related videos or look for personal feeds. And the only ranking is in the search. Mostly, the search would give preference to videos viewed before, from the channels one is subscribed to or official channels. Factors for YouTube Videos Ranking: – keywords (appropriate associate text) […]

05Jan 2016

With the growing role of social media in everyday life, the importance of social media verification cannot be overrated. It’s the most unattainable and, naturally, desirable thing for social website users, whether it’s individual users, bloggers, celebrities, or companies. However, social media verification cannot be considered to be too useful: other than verification of your […]