With the growing role of social media in everyday life, the importance of social media verification cannot be overrated. It’s the most unattainable and, naturally, desirable thing for social website users, whether it’s individual users, bloggers, celebrities, or companies. However, social media verification cannot be considered to be too useful: other than verification of your profile, what other perks come with this little badge?

Typically, Instagram accounts can get verified only under the condition that they have several hundreds of thousands of followers – no one knows the exact minimal number, but it’s clear that users with ~10,000 followers should not expect a verification badge any time soon. This is why the benefits of having such a popular account to be verified are not too obvious: of course, an Instagram impersonator will quickly get banned, but other than that, there are not too many perks that come with verification. However, if you’re determined to obtain that badge, here is something that might help you.

Instagram’s official help info offers little information on the verification feature. Generally, it is presented as a little blue checkmark, similar to the checkmarks that can be found on other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. At the moment only celebrities, public figures and international brands can be recognized on Instagram. The verification button is designed to separate the genuine accounts from impersonators. This means that the main function of the verification feature is to let users knew that you are who you say you are. Verification doesn’t give you any other privileges like a more secure account, special access to restricted tools, etc.

At the moment, Instagram says you can’t request verification. Instead, Instagram’s help page recommends users linking between their remaining social media accounts to make it easier for users to find the accounts they’re interested in. What’s interesting is that a verified Facebook account does not grant you any privileges when it comes to Instagram verification, between the two websites employ completely different verification algorithms. However, if you can’t seem to verify your Instagram profile, linking to it from your verified Twitter and Facebook account might be a nice touch.

It’s worth saying that there is no definitive way to get your Instagram account verified. Nevertheless, experienced Instagram users have designed a few tips that might help. The first and most important thing to do is to gain a mass Instagram following. Growing your followers base is not a quick process – it takes a lot of time and hard work, so if you’re planning to get your profile verified in the nearest future, start putting effort into growing your following.

Gaining a huge Instagram following is a process that consists of numerous tips and tricks. Most importantly, you need to stick to a certain topic and find your Instagram voice. Don’t jump from theme to theme and from one personality to another – it’s easier to be recognizable when you’re being consistent. Posting on a regular basis doesn’t hurt either – by posting on a schedule you’ll make users wait for your next post and following you in order not to miss it. Additionally, you should remember to include hashtags into your posts, but it’s important to learn the proper use of hashtags, implementing the ones that will give you better exposure. And, of course, don’t forget to engage with your followers – use the pictures you post as a start of a conversation, and maintain that conversation afterwards.

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