Interested in being noticed on Instagram? Follow the basic rules appropriate for any social network – create regular posts, communicate with users, include attention drawing descriptions. There are also special ways working for Instagram only. They will make sure that you get more followers, more likes, more popularity.

We offer you 5 tips that really work for you to get noticed, get likes, or win followers on Instagram. Let them make you more popular.

Popular Hashtags are a Must

When you would like to get more likes to your photos, use hashtags. Think about the topic and let other Instagram users with similar subjects find you. The tags you use might concern the photography style, how did you process them, Instagram filter, location. Of course, you should also not avoid the Instagram hashtags like  #instagood, #igers, #photooftheday and many more. Just see what others use or observe the popular Instagram hashtags here.

It might be inconvenient to post hashtags from your phone, but you can always post a photo and then insert the hashtags through the web-based mode of view. You could also save your favorite hashtags as a note and simply copy them when you need.

Do not Ignore Community Activities

There is an immense number of activities on the Instagram. One of them is JJ’s daily forum. It was started by John Johnson, Instagram user with more than 280,000 followers. Now, his forum includes even more members and a number of editors who help to manage it every day. You need to follow Johnson and find daily theme and hashtag to use for your photos. Themes might include styles/colors, content and so on..

There are also many other communities to participate in. For fans of black and white photography one might choose Monart or Streetphoto_bw. For general photos check out Photooftheday or contestgram. If you use your Instagram for mobile photos only, find out about Ampt, a mobile photography community.

Receive and provide

Instagram, as any other social network, loves engagement. It deals with giving and taking. Interacting other users will result in the same for you. Liking the photos of others might make you recognizable, but commenting is better. If you actively like the photos of users outside of your circle, you have higher chances for new followers and likes.

But do not like all the photos randomly. It is worth to engage with the users with the same preferences in photography types, visiting the same places, or just with a common interest to come to real engagement with other users.

You can also use service for tracking your engagement and keeping an eye on it.

Be Creative While Editing Your Photos

Use more than Instagram’s filters only. They are definitely cool, but great iOS and Android apps should not be neglected by mobile photographers. You could try photo-editing apps like  Adobe Photoshop Express making your photos brilliant, or apps that help you to create impressive collages like PicCollage. Find the one that fits you and sign your photos. Stick to a definite style or niche, and you’ll get noticed and followed with ease.

Get Promoted by Instagram

If you get featured by Instagram, you will be able to get thousands of followers every day, but it is not so easy to achieve. Instagram does not really share their criteria for suggested users. Getting on the list for one week will guarantee you maximum exposure. But you would need to have an interesting perspective or style and be noticed by Instagram followers to possibly attract Instagram’s eye.

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