Facebook often comes up with new features, and slowly approaches them to users. It might be difficult to notice all the changes in the world’s largest social network. We have prepared overview of the newest things that have changed on Facebook if you missed them.

Personalize your News Feed

We might often have considered the News Feed filled with the usual updates from all friends leaving the posts from the dearest ones aside. Finally, the Facebook has added the News Feed Preferences function for personalization. Now, it offers:

  • making the important people appear first by marking your favorites with the star;
  • unfollowing people while staying friends with them without necessity to see their updates;
  • following back the unfollowed people;
  • brands and pages following in bulk.

This is already possible for iOS apps and some Android users, but will get available to all users of Android and the Web in the nearest time.

Take care of your account’s life after you die

Worried about what happens to your account after your death? You can give control over it to someone just as you’d make a usual will.

This feature is called Legacy Contact. You just choose someone from your friends on Facebook, and choose what they will be able to do with information from your account.

The person you choose will have the ability to write posts, respond to friends, and change the photos, but they would only be able to talk as themselves. One can also choose to delete the account after one’s death.

Enabling this feature will help to avoid the tedious process of getting access to the dead person’s account for the people one cares about and to protect one’s online legacy.

Find the important events with On This Day

Facebook might be said to be a digital history of one’s life. Now, Facebook allows you to jump to a definite day and to see what was happening at that point of time. The feature is called On This Day and is pretty well working.

Checking you history at any time is possible if you visit Facebook.com/OnThisDay, but you’ll not always get in the aim, and will need to switch on the informing for OnThisDay so that the historical events would show up in the News Feed or will be alerted by Facebook.

And you can always share the memory with your friends just like any post. Isn’t it exciting?

Handle Children’s Pictures with a Controlled Scrapbook

You are a proud parent posting the photos of your child and you want to keep them safe? Facebook offers a solution in the form of a new Scrapbook.

  • any adult can create a digital scrapbook going to Family and Relationships and choosing there the respective option;
  • only two parents can control the created scrapbook by giving their child a tag, and after recognizing the tag, photo will automatically go to scrapbook;
  • it would be possible to make the photo public through the privacy section.

Independence of Messenger and taking Video Calls

Facebook has recently introduced some cool features to their messenger, like signing up through the mobile app even without Facebook account. Video Calls are also enabled through the messenger, and it has also become a completely separate messenger.

Facebook Lite: A Light Alternative for Android

While installing messenger separately, Facebook Lite app does not take much space on your phone. It is cool for phones with small memory. It also runs better on the phones with older hardware, and already includes messenger to chat with friends.

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