1. 1
    What are distinguishing features between Facebook Fans and Website Likes?

    It is simple: fan page or business page likes refer solely to Facebook fan pages. Website likes refer to website like buttons. If you are going to acquire website likes, but still there is no Facebook like icon on your site, so get social plugin from Facebook. In case you have already purchased Facebook website likes, therefore check that Facebook like button follows right to main page. Otherwise, new number of likes that you have paid for will not be reflected. In situation when you possess a fan page box on the site, pointed right to page with fans, so we advise to purchase our special package – “Fan/Business Page”. The same you can do when the like button follows right to Facebook fan page. In such a way we will focus on a fan page, but not on the website link. If you hesitate which package will be better, so address this question to our online managers. They are ready to consult you 24/7.

  2. 2
    Will you add followers and likes simultaneously?

    Every package offer is special. Naturally, we need time to perform good service for you. Clients do not know nuances of followers or likes delivery, but at any way they should be patient. If we process small volume of followers/likes, so it can take us up to 2 days. Big volume packages need more time, sometimes delivery time may vary. Do not expect to receive the order rapidly. It will look more naturally, if we deliver in a drip method.

  3. 3
    Why have not you processed my order?

    We are a team of experienced people. We carefully track order of every client. But we have huge number of customers, who are served by turn. Surely, our team will make the best efforts to provide you with followers or likes quickly. In case you have noticed that the order got hung up somewhere, please inform our customer support team. We will check your order procession and then will return to you with the feedback.

  4. 4
    I have not got confirmation of my order.

    If the order was made successfully, so after PayPal page you will be automatically redirected to our success page. Also, our website system will notify you by email about successful order confirmation. In that email you will see a final delivery date. If it happened that you left PayPal quickly and had not visited our website again, so you may not get confirmation email. If your order is in process, at any way, you will be informed by email. When the order is finished, so our system will notify you. Please contact us and inform about order confirmation problem, if you have not received inbox message from us.

  5. 5
    Can Buygosh.com provide me with warranty?

    Surely, we can. We have lifetime warranty period. If your likes or followers vanish, so we will deliver them again at no cost for you. However, such cases are really rare, 1% from 100%. We used to deliver more likes/followers to clients to compensate possible, natural drop-off.

  6. 6
    Will it be secure?

    Buygosh.com has never received complaints from clients whose accounts were banned or suspended. We value gained reputation and thoroughly deliver every order.

  7. 7
    Are your Facebook likes from real or fake persons?

    All likes that you will get are 100 % from real individuals. We do not use soft programs to generate huge number of fake Facebook accounts.

  8. 8
    Does Buygosh.com deal with certain photo or post promotion?

    Yes, we can do it! The only thing, that we ask clients is to check privacy settings. When you order such a service, please be sure that your photo or post will be visible for users. Then you can purchase Fan/Business Page likes and provide us with link to a photo or post that should be promoted.

  9. 9
    What if I need several packages?

    You can select as many packages simultaneously as you need. Review our offer page and we will start.

  10. 10
    Can I use one package for promotion of several pages?

    No, it is forbidden. We do not split a package for promotion more than one page. If you wish to purchase followers or likes economically, so read about our discounts. 

  11. 11
    How can be your service advantageous for me?

    Poor number of likes in Facebook looks funny and not very serious, especially if the page presents some business company.  Buygosh.com is a key to online reputation. Getting from us numerous followers or likes, you become more and more popular in the internet. Every modern person uses at least one social network for communication. Try to attract clients via Facebook network and enhance website traffic.

  12. 12
    Will be your likes targeted?

    We provide clients with followers and likes, which may be from different countries. Definitely, we do the best to orient promotion campaign on English speaking persons, but we do not have mechanism to control who else likes or follows your page. Our service is focused mainly on English speaking audience, however in future we plan to grow and deliver targeted fans from different worldwide corners.

  13. 13
    Will Buygosh.com use my personal password from my profile?

    No, it is your private information. We can promote social network page without client’s password.

  14. 14
    How can I check the order status?

    Order update information as well as other service details you will get on email box.  In case you can not find delivered likes, so notify us about this without delay.