Probably everyone launching a personal YouTube channel knows the tip to promote videos across other social networks. Usually it relates to Facebook, less frequently users engage Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. However, making a video viral requires a bit more efforts that sharing the clip in your FB account and waiting for the YouTube traffic to grow. Here are some insides from known experts in the field about how to boost YouTube views and followers numbers without spending cash on fake followers and viewers.

1) Emerson Sparz bets on making bonds with YouTube stars. Well, it is not a suggestion to involve Beyonce or Beckham into promotion of your video. Many people who create useful video-tutorials, reviews etc. and post them on YouTube have millions of subscribers. It is reasonable to cooperate with them and have them mention your channel/products in exchange for free samples of your goods/services.

2) Nathalie Lussier believes in the power of links leading to your personal site. Videos that call to action and invite to visit personal sites of brands/companies usually bring more traffic to this site, especially if the description provides visible and clickable link to this web-resource. All the users now have to do to go to your website is to click a single link.

3) Brett Farmiloe reminds of filling the description fields carefully. Google is undeniably the trend setter of web search, and it could not but introduce some of its principles into YouTube search. So optimize the video just as you would optimize the text – tags, categories, title and description fields are to be provided without any exception.

4) Andrew Schrage speaks of putting efforts into making every video smart and interesting. YouTube’s advertising advantages have made it a marketing battlefield where customers’ attention is won or lost in a second/ so prepare for that battle well and create outstanding videos – unique in ideas, execution, visual effects, rich in emotions, wit etc. Do whatever you can to engage and attract viewers.

5) Benjamin Leis recommends creating a complete story with devices a video offers. Every business or project has its unique path and story to share. YouTube-stored image and sound can do a lot to show your brand in appropriate light and do that in a minute or two. Select the most special moments or some particular detail of your venture and build your story around it. It would be great to include customers in them. People will gladly share videos where they star across other networks and expose their connections to this Oscar-winning hit :)

6) Aaron Schwartz recognizes the value of video feedbacks created and posted by brand customers. Invite them to share their video feedback with you and use these videos to present your brand in an unexpected light – the light of unbiased evaluation. Good feedbacks are OK, and negative ones are the indicators of what should be fixed/changed.

7) Logan Lenz explains how personalized video response to customer’s questions or needs may promote your channel – and bring more views. People love to see their questions answered in a dedicated and personal manner, and you can build around that a campaign of video FAQ’s. Make them fun, informal and easy to comprehend, and tag those who posed the questions.

8) Andrew Angus prompts to locate your video on your official web-site and to generate video traffic directly for that site. YouTube is a perfect place to find viewers and generate traffic, but that traffic will come to YouTube, and not to your website. So a smarter move would be to start promotion on YouTube and at the same time create a landing page for the video on your official site. Invite users to see more videos directly on the web-page so that they got used to searching videos on your official page thus generating the desired traffic.

9) Brian Moran highlights the basics of YouTube, namely, the value of multiple and various videos. Numbers are everything. More videos – more traffic. Video production is an easy thing today, so create videos, yet do not forget to make them really good. More good videos – more traffic and new followers. It’s that simple.

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