With Facebook losing its position as a primary spot for social media games and contests, Instagram is expected to take its place in the nearest future. Social media marketers have already designed dozens of ways to engage with users on Instagram in a form of a contest, and all you have to do is pick the one you like using some of the ideas below.

  1. Double-tap to win

One of Instagram’s basic functions is a double tap, which stands for a like on a photo. This mechanism can be used to organize a contest. Publish a photo, describe the prize and conditions for participation in the photo description, add a couple of relevant hashtags, and wait for users to take part in your contest by double-tapping, or liking your photo.

  1. Product selfie

Selfies are a true moving force of Instagram, with millions of selfies being posted every week. Use this phenomenon to your advantage by offering users a chance to win a valuable prize simply by posting a photo with your product. Don’t forget to tell the participants to use your specific hashtag in their photos, otherwise the photos might get disqualified.

  1. Regular contests

By starting contests every week or so with small but useful prizes you will keep your followers looking for your new posts. Choose a topic, ask followers to post their photos that follow the topic and include your specific hashtag, and pick a winner – for example, every Friday. A prize like a $10 gift card or a fun product is what works best in these contests.

  1. User vote contest

This is a more complex type of Instagram contest. Start by announcing an open photo submission and accept every photo that follows your instructions for a limited period of time. After the contestants are chosen, ask your followers to vote for the submissions, taking each photo and reposting it, so that everyone starts with zero likes. The winner is chosen based on the number of likes under their photo.

  1. Сaption contest

Another fun way to engage with your Instagram followers is to post a picture and ask your followers to think of a caption to the photo for a chance to win a prize. Make sure the picture is unusual and attention grabbing, so that your followers won’t simply scan through it and move on to other things. This contest doesn’t have to have a single winner – you can award every caption author whose work you liked.

  1. Guess the number

This type of competition wasn’t invented by social media – in fact, it is one of the best known office games. The rules are simple: post a jar full of candy/sugar cubes/pebble/etc and ask your followers to guess how many items there are in a jar. Set a limited time and choose the person who was the closest after the time runs out. This can also be used to promote your product, especially if it’s the kind of product that can be fit into a jar multiple times.

  1. Recipe contest

This type of Instagram contests works better for companies who produce all kinds of food products, but it’s not limited to them. You can pick a certain ingredient (for example, the one your company produces) and ask your followers to share recipes based around this product. Or, if you’re making kitchen tools, ask followers to use one or multiple tools in their recipe. As always, the best submission (or submissions) wins.

  1. Costume contest

Naturally, costume contests are mostly limited to holidays, but with a bit of thinking you can expand them far beyond the traditional Halloween costume competition. Christmas Santa costume, “last-day-before-school” costume for schoolchildren, cosplay – there are so many ideas you can implement, depending on the type of company or product you’re trying to promote and the kind of relationship you have with your followers.

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