YouTube is definitely a platform that provides people who can create interesting videos with access to the worldwide audience.  Whatever one can show the world, there are some basic rules and tricks that will attract more viewers and likes for presented videos and will help the channel owner to achieve his/her goals faster and in full.

Commandments of the Trade:

ONLY quality videos should appear on your channel.  Good image, sound, cutting, and overall concept are a must. No exceptions allowed.

Make your channel landing page unique.  Your channel page is a face of your business on YouTube. Show your viewers that you appreciate them by customizing the page, including your brand logo or some interesting heading, adding banners, sub-channels and other features that make the page look interesting.

Promote YouTube videos through other social networks. Social networks have already merged into some huge hyper-network, and content of YouTube can be easily spread across Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Use this opportunity to promote your videos as wide as possible.

 Treat yourself to all options offered by the platform. YouTube is not a purely video-hosting, it offers lots of chances to monetize content and socially involve viewers into promotion of your video into other networks. So exploit extensively.

  1. Place Your Video On All Available Platforms

Uploading your video directly to YouTube channel will not get you tons of likes. Placing the video on your personal site will not help either. You need to locate your video in places where crowds of people will have access to it. Hence, promote your video in every social network where you have accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and what’s not, and customize the posts, provide nice thumbnails and video descriptions.

Reach out to broader media and invite popular bloggers to share their opinion on your video. Send them ready-made press releases so that they could publish them as articles dedicated to your video. It looks a better option that writing a review anew, and so they are more likely to do it (under condition that the video matches their area of interest).

  1. Number of videos is the key

The main principle is to provide more high quality videos. The reasoning behind it is that every video collects only a limited number of likes from a limited number of your followers. So for example, of 1,000 followers only 100 will view the video up to the end and only 25 of them will decide to like it and move on to a next video. The numbers are absolutely random, it is the main principle that matters. The more videos you post, the more likes in total they will collect. Yet if you need to collect a certain number of likes for one particular video, you will hide the rest of content until the necessary number of likes is collected.

  1. Engage your audience and call for action – it really works here.

You post your video and want the viewers do something about it – like, share, go to your website through the link or what’s not. So go ahead and ask about it in the end of your video. 10 seconds of direct message to your audience work wonders. In exchange for a favor show them previews of previous or next videos – it will look like a ‘thanxs’ and at the same time will engage the audience in viewing other videos.

  1. Customize your video according to basic SEO rules.

Videos are indexed on YouTube according to the same principles as web pages are ranged in Google, so SEO optimization of your video is a must.  There is not much options for that, yet use what’s available. Among others, add title and brief but interesting description, both with keywords and links to other channels and profiles. Add informative relevant tags, but do not place them in description. Transcript is definitely not fit for description.

  1. Involve and motivate your viewers – and always say ‘thank you’ =)

Publicity is everything. Invite your viewers to do want you need to boost quantity of views and likes.  Invite them to share, comment, like, embed your video on their sites, subscribe and follow your channel. Most people are prone to do these things if they like your content,  and they will feel even more inclined to do it if you say ‘thank you’ for it in advance.

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