Privacy Policy

The kinds of information the service needs to have

The site receives the information from a user during making an order or contacting with a user by means of an especial form.

Customers point names, credit card data, email information, phone number and mailing address when they pass the registration, send orders or subscribe to the site data receiving. One may apply the capacities of the system anonymously.

The objectives the customers’ data are used for

The staff of the company applies the received users’ information to accomplish a purchase and provide the order’s delivery in time. Private or public customers’ data never will be sold, exchanged or given to the third part without the owners’ consent. The process of realizing any order and its delivery previews the use of some users’ data.

The contact information of the clients, especially email address, is used for sending the data touching the order service, process or any updates of the site policies if a client is subscribed to them.

The means applying with the aim of the clients’ privacy security

A great diversity of the information security measures is taken by the specialists of the site to protect the customers’ data and the site functionment from any harmful intrusions.

The security system assures the protection of clients’ credit information and provide the payment processes without any complications. Any unauthorized third parts can’t access to the payment information. So the security of payments is guaranteed.

When the process of transaction is finished, all data touching this proceed is deleted from the database.

Cookies’ using

The system of the data protection uses cookies for the organization of the identification process of the site visitors and not to allow for any person or software doing any harm. Using cookies improves the functionment of payments’ processes by means of remembering some information on orders.

The possibility of the clients’ information disclosure

The customers’ data will not be disclosed to any third part because of any reason. Only the participants of the orders’ fulfill processes have access to client identification information to assure the successful order accomplishment. They surely guarantee the confidentiality of customers’ information. The private information may be released in cases previewed by law to assure the security of the site functionment and the security of other clients’ data.

The ways to remove the information from the site database and cancel the subscription

In case when the clients are going to refuse to receive the information from the site services through email, one may unsubscribe from them. One should send the email with the subject “Unsubscribe – do not send me emails”. All data of the client will be deleted from all bases automatically. All may unsubscribe from the site information messages passing by means of the link “Unsubscribe” placing on any letter received from the company staff.

The policy of privacy security exclusively online

All principles of the privacy security are related only to the information obtained on the site. There is no responsibility for the results of any offline information usage.

Terms and Conditions

The site’s Terms and Conditions include the detailed description of correct use of any site service. Different cases of liabilities and disclaimers are previewed. It’s worth to read the page before the collaboration with the site.

Client’s consent

Having started to use the services of the site, a client consents to the principles of the policy of the privacy security.

The privacy policy updates

All updates and modifications of the policy of the privacy security are represented on an especial page.


Everybody can obtain all additional information about the changes related to the policy of the privacy security contacting the support team.