Refund Policy

When customers make a purchase using the resources of the site they receive the right to the refund during 45 days from the deadline of the order automatically. The arguments in favor of the refund obtaining are listed below.

The refund is guaranteed in case when a client didn’t spend all credits.

The possibility of refund is previewed when there are credits not used for a video promotion.

One may get the refund in case of the delivery failure.

The refund is not paid when the order delivery is failed if the promotion of videos is successfully finished.

Sometimes one observes the package update a bit slower than stipulated by order. One should connect with the support team in such a case. The fact about the absence of the package delivered timely has to be represented in written form to the department of support. In any other case, the campaign is supposed finished in accordance with the order.

There are some cases when the disputes are possible to appear. The client considers that the order is not accomplished in the strict correspondence with the instructions of the customer. In such a case one should send the claim to the support team during 10 days after the purchase. To get the refund the customer must have the strongest reasons in favor of the claimant. If such ones are represented, the client will surely get the refund.