Today Search Engine Optimization became a vital element for any business in the Internet. Using SEO tricks people can get primary places on search engine page. Some SEO methods are clear, but others still seem to be very incomprehensive. It is like a blind game. You make several steps to be higher in ranking, but you can not be 100% sure, that it will work. In this article I want to highlight connection of social networks and search engine optimization. How do you think, what is the effect from backlinks to social media portals? Actually to find answer to this question we will begin with general overview of website links.

Such search engine systems as Bing and Google can detect the link or simply skip it. Main point that counts here is attributes of the link. Below you will see a sample of link anchor, that will be invisible for Google. In other words, during indexation, search engine spider will not follow the link with such anchor. Consequently, traffic will not pass via this “nofolllow” link to another website.

Dofollow or Nofollow links
The majority of links that you see on social network portals are Nofollow, for example on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Hence, you will get nothing for website Seo using such social media hypertexts. The best way to check it is to use Google webmaster account. Review available types of links in special tab, titled as the “Links to your site”. If you have Bing webmaster account, so go to “Inbound links” tab.

If you attentively view the data in webmaster account, so you will not find a single inbound link there. However, to get inbound links from social networks, you can activate sharing, posts or re-tweets. Here is the first conclusion: social media audience is cool for generating new clients, but you will not get use for website Seo. Possibly now you have concern that social media links are bootless. It is not true. You will get certain traffic on your website from social networks users. Main secret is to draw new online users regularly. Website search engine ranking may vary from number of social media users that you have. That is exactly why website owners who want to achieve great ranking results should pay special attention to social networks promo methods.

What is a Dofollow link?
It has been discussed many times that main social networks are quite skeptical when people make link on them, so all links are of nofollow type. Although, it is possible to meet another type of media links, for example dofollow link. In reality there is no ‘dofollow’ anchor, it is just for better understanding. For example, in Pinterest it is simple to verify the website using meta tags. Dofollow links are often used in such popular media platforms like Vimeo or Quora. At any way, it is a great chance to better ranking. Why not to choose it?

Making conclusion of the article, we will say that backlinks on major and the best known social platforms are useless, but still one may discover less popular media platforms to benefit from backlinks power.

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