Twitter is not a tool to set up a store and make money right on the spot. Rather, it is an excellent instrument for awareness –raising and alerting people to presence of your brand or content. The only condition for its efficiency is that the followers are engaged with your tweets. There are a few most widespread reasons for followers not to be thrilled by your tweets.

  • The tweets in your account lack any value.

The active followers are fast to detect that your account provides – or does not provide – any valuable content. Active users make about 80% of engaged mobile followers who can look through the newsfeed a few times a day. So once they mentally mark your account as ‘empty’ or ‘rubbish’, you may forget about popularity.

Why may it happen? Remember from your experience what Twitter accounts you skip and what accounts attract you most. Usually photo-spam like selfies, chats about shopping or gossiping repel reasonable readers, so avoid these mistakes and give more valuable tweets to your followers.

  • The tweets do not encourage any kind of feedback/reaction.

Most tweets do not naturally encourage feedback if it’s not an announcement about long-awaited pop album or a movie. Yet tweets from any industry or field can invite readers to start a discussion and share opinions if these tweets are carefully crafted. Namely, incorporate simple open-ended questions into your tweets, and be ready to react to comments your readers will eagerly provide. People like to voice their thoughts on most important or loud events, just give them a chance to do it.

  • The tweets vary in their value to readers.

Suppose that people subscribed to your channel to read about some geek news, new devices reviews and generally about the ever-bubbling pot of social networks. They are happy to see these tweets because they started following you to read particularly these things. It is okay to post periodically reports about fishing championships if you mentioned in your profile that you like it. People will understand and skip these twits or just give a like to a particularly nice story. Yet do not surprise them with unsolicited content, especially in large amounts, if you did not warn them that they would be exposed to it. They follow you for some particular reason, so do not discourage them by posting the content they did not look for. All in all, it is you who needs to attract followers.

  • You do not reach back to followers.

Reciprocity is one of the basic principles of successful persuasion in Psychology, so it will definitely work in Twitter, too. Keep track of all retweets, likes, comments and other responses and mentions of your account on Twitter. Thanking for actions is fast and simple, yet this reciprocal action means much in engaging and attracting more followers. You may overlook one or two likes or retweets, but the majority of actions are traceable, so spend a bit of time to show all your followers that you appreciate them. If even just by giving them a ’Favorite’ star.

  • You do not use images or use them too scarcely. People like to look for pictures, in books, newspapers and on the web. So provide them with engaging and witty images accompanying your tweets. It is proved that tweets with images get retweeted 35% more often that text-only tweets. An image should speak about the content of a tweet and be interesting. Then it will definitely work for your benefit.

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