There exists no single search ranking, and people hop between related videos or look for personal feeds. And the only ranking is in the search. Mostly, the search would give preference to videos viewed before, from the channels one is subscribed to or official channels.

Factors for YouTube Videos Ranking:

– keywords (appropriate associate text)

– tags (using them is right for YouTube)

– thumbnail (use custom thumbnails that compel)

– transcript (their existence influences ranking).

Channel rank depends on the videos rate, and there is no possibility to search for specific channels. Similar, videos’ ranking also depends on the channel authority. There are also outside factors of influence like video watching frequency, commenting, number of shares, links, and Likes.

It is obvious that making videos increases the ranking while producing low-quality content decreases it. So how to boost one’s ranking? We have 10 effective ways to offer.

1. Text optimizing

Use the correct SEO approach to the text you produce, make it short and understandable, and include key words. You can do this with the name of the channel, its description, titles and descriptions of the videos, tags, and transcripts.

2. Engaging people to watch

Users are accustomed to getting videos from the channels they already know rather than from the new ones. Thus, if you convince the user to watch at least one of your videos, this association boosts your videos. It is even better to convince a person to subscribe to you so that your videos would appear in their feed.

3. Composing playlists

Playlists involve people to watch several videos at a time, but there is no sense to compress all your videos to one playlist. It is better if one series corresponds to one topic.

4. Optimizing Channel Page

Make a channel style meet your brand image but don’t get too immersed in details. Also, include social profiles links to draw more followers to your accounts as well as share some keywords or compelling descriptions in the About section.

5. Uploading Transcripts is a Must

Transcript is a textual version of the video making it appear more out of the YouTube. Qualitative transcripts might be said said to contribute to the ranking, and creating such a one isn’t actually complicated or too expensive.

6. Visibility Cross-Promoting

One can post videos on other sites and social networks. Facebook is a bit tricky in relation to this, but Twitter and the rest appear to be effective. Promotion might also take forms of writing blog posts about it or encouraging other people to share them.

7. Leading Branding

Implementing the idea of branding provides positive results. The companies prefer to create their own unique queries for which they would be found. So, creating a recognized brand is of value.

8. Promoting your videos

The more videos one sees, the more they would like to see. Besides, you could use endcaps or related videos links strategy. In general, it is a good strategy to advertise videos you are trying to push.

9. Boosting content with the videos

Promote your videos since the more times other watch the video, the more visible the channel becomes. A great way is to cross promote between different types of content, and embed your videos into other info types.

10. Creating more videos

Create more videos. Ensure the high quality of the videos. Get more views, likes, and comments. All of that combines into a higher ranking.

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