Incredible vogue of Instagram became real surprise for some people who have business on the Internet. Presently, over 100 million persons use Instagram and it is only beginning. In order to promote brands, companies require magic services of this network. When people seriously consider social platforms for brand awareness campaign, so they hesitate between Instagram and its analogue Pinterest. What to choose?

The first well known misleading fact is that these social networks have differences. Let’s discuss it a little bit more. If you want to use Instagram, so you will have to make all registration steps. But it is much easier with Pinterest, because users may start browsing the platform without mandatory registration. On Pinterest the majority of companies prefer to inform targeted audience about news and upcoming events.

If you are here, so it is very likely that you think about online promotion. Brand marketing becomes more reachable with Instagram for business owners. This network enables you to present brand and introduce sales or future events to customers. Communicating with clients you gain more profit and increase brand awareness. Feedback feature is also great. By the way, you will not find the same feature on Pinterest, simply because users prefer pining than adding comments.

Instagram is convenient to communicate with client and trace his or her reaction. Principle of visualization is used by marketing experts who try to achieve the biggest brand exposure. In other words, using Instagram platform for drawing more and more clients is excellent alternative to using Pinterest with the same purpose. Add pictures of company’s events and get quick reaction from audience. People will definitely demonstrate activity and concernment regarding your company. You can upload even photos from your office, it will be additional sign of your openness and creativity.

The best advantage of Instagram is to make interlinking between Instagram page and your other social networks accounts. Pinterest does not offer this feature and even is not going to implement it. Thus, more and more company owners decide to opt Instagram for promotion. Making a cool post once in Instagram, you will share it among other accounts, therefore huge number of users will see your message.

In conclusion, if to consider Instagram versus Pinterest, so Instagram is a leader by features. However, many people do not know about main difference points .

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